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Jake Jalsovec
Melbourne-based photographer Jake Jalsovec has explored many different genres of photography but specialises from shooting various subjects within the studio space. Using various lighting techniques, he is able to explore various styles throughout his work, transcribing the beauty of his subjects in dramatic lighting. Through his thought process, Jake is able to achieve a high-quality standard of work no matter if it's in the studio or taking photographs in other styles or scenery.
Upcoming Dates hosted by Jake Jalsovec
Sunday the 27th of June 2021
Landscape Photography Meetup - Cape Schanck Lighthouse - 3pm - 2 hours
Today we will be shooting Landscape style photos along the coast line of Cape Schanck, seeing the light house, surrounding cliff face and coast with ocean and a stunning background view.
Settings: maximise the depth of field / use a narrow aperture. May need to take shutter speed down and ISO up a little.
Finding a spot that has a foreground and background interest. Think carefully about where you place your camera and tripod.
Take your time. Thereís no need to take hundreds of shots at this session, itís all about taking the time to see and record the landscape around you.
What is the sky doing? If itís bland and no contrast, then donít let it dominate your frame. It is always good to have a slice of sky so that it can help Ďbreak upí the composition in a good way - think rule of thirds.
Keep an eye on the horizon! Keep them level and watch where you are placing them in the frame - on one of the thirds is best.
Instructor: Jake Jalsovec
$35pp     8 places left
Sunday the 25th of July 2021
Street Art and Street Photography Meetup - Frankston - 11am - 2 hours
In this Meetup we will be photographing Street Art throughout the Graffiti Art District of Frankston, in conjunction with elements of Street Photography to further explore and reinforce the capturing of Street Art in photography.
Instructor: Jake Jalsovec
$35pp     11 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Sunday the 8th of August 2021
Beach Photography - Hawker Beach - 10 - 2
We will be exploring the area of Hawker Beach, photographing both the beach and making our way towards the colourful beach huts.
Instructor: Jake Jalsovec
$35pp     12 places left
Sunday the 19th of September 2021
Beginner's Class - Mornington Botanical Rose Garden - 10am - 3 Hours
Come join along this springtime and learn the fundamentals of photography while surrounded by the beautiful roses of the Mornington Botanical Rose Garden. This 3 hour class will teach you the key components to composing and photographing a subject while learning to use the Manual Mode on your camera.
Instructor: Jake Jalsovec
$35pp     11 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Sunday the 24th of October 2021
Sunset Photography - Diamond Bay, Sorrento - 6pm - 2 hours
Tonight we will take our Camera's and Tripods out to Photograph the Sunsetting over Diamond Bay. Weíll be soaking up that stunning golden hour light in this session all about sunset photography. Bring along your 70-200 lens or other telephoto lens and take some amazing photos with the guidance of the photography instructor.
Instructor: Jake Jalsovec
$35pp     12 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
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